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3 looks for Christmas!

Hello guys!

For this first special article 1 year from my blog, I wanted to propose 3 Christmas looks. Why 3? Because I know a lot of people party several times Christmas in the month. With small family, big family, beautiful family, friends and so on. And we do not dress the same because the atmosphere of these different Christmases is not the same.


A fairly classic outfit that is the Christmas style par excellence. The little black and white tweed skirt that I found in a thrift store. The fabric is very heavy so perfect for winter. The sequin grey top with these sleeves that I like way too much. That’s why I decided to buy it on the Shein website. My bag that reminds me of a small binder I also found in a thrift store. It is rigid and I chose it because I find the closure super original compared to what we usually see. Regarding the jewelry I decided to put only a bracelet that is discreet because the outfit is already quite loaded with the colors and sleeves of the blouse. My heels are from Asos. They are perfect for the holidays as they are stylish but also very comfortable with this big heels. I decided to keep these shoes for the 3 looks because they really go with everything. Finally, the coat you’ve already seen on a previous look.

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A slightly more festive outfit with this little veiled star-studded dress that would also be perfect for the New Year for that matter. What seduced me in this dress of Shein except the stars, is the open effect of the sleeves. I still find it a little short and I think if I put it back at Christmas with heels I would put stockings (the dress is no longer available for now but I still put the link in case)The accumulation of necklaces I do not know where it comes from (sorry) but I find that it matches great with my big earrings Shein. I find them too beautiful, they are super showy (everything I like). But my favorite pieces of this look are definitely my little tweed effect bag and my pair of leather faux gloves! I love these two pieces too much! The bag is small but good during the holidays we do not need many things. Normally the strap of the bag is much longer but I folded it inside the bag. The gloves even if they look very thin they warm my little hands well because the inside is very soft.

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This outfit I really imagined by telling me that I would put it for Christmas by the fire with a nice little hot chocolate in my hands. A Christmas where the have does not break the head. I really like the colour of the sweater and the fact that the shoulders are bare adds a touch of elegance. My flare pants (or elephant leg) really give this impression of long legs (which I don’t have) and it’s very comfortable. After the shoot I changed the heels by my pair of platform boots and the long leg effect was still there. The centerpiece of my outfit is of course this faux fur coat. I bought it on Shein and I expected such good quality. Already it is very sweet, I have never touched something so sweet. At first it appeared to me end but once carried I quickly understood that it was very hot. I took it in M so it gives this effect a little wide that I like so much. I find that the jewelry blends perfectly with the outfit and the earrings are reminiscent of the bottom of the coat. To finish the bag you have already seen it in several outfits.

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I hope you liked these 3 little look! Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.


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