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Depuis l’au-delà

Hello guys,

Do you know this book? “Depuis l’au-delà” by author Bernard Weber. I finished it already 2 months ago I think and I finally decided to tell you about it.

First of all this is the first time I link this author and I really enjoyed reading it. I like the way he writes and the dynamics of history. As a rule I found the story great but… (there is always a but) the end disappointed me quite a bit! I don’t get it, I have to tell you. I read these 400 pages super fast because the plot was super gripping and I absolutely wanted to know the end. Once I got to the fateful moment I thought, “Okay, is this the end? All for that?!”. Despite this I regret not having read without taking into account the end.

So what’s he talking about? I’ll tell you the beginning to put you a little in the mood (no spoils because I explain with other words what can be read in 4th cover). Bernard Werber tells the story of an author named Gabriel Wells. He wakes up one morning and doesn’t feel very good. He decides to go to the doctor and there he meets a young woman, Lucy Filipini. She explains that she knows what he has. He is curious and wonders what she will come out of him as an answer. Lucy replies something unexpected. Gabriel can’t believe his ears, yes he heard: “Gabriel, you’re dead”. It’s crazy, isn’t it? You wake up in the morning, you think you have a cold and then someone pulls you out that you’re dead! The question we ask ourselves at this moment is: “How does Lucy talk to him if he’s dead?”. Of course Lucy is a psychic and she can hear wandering souls.

This story plunges us into Gabriel’s investigation into who murdered him and why. He’ll be helped by Lucy. So we end up with a story where two worlds intersect, the visible and the invisible. But it’s not just that, we also discover Lucy’s past and how she went to become a psychic. This novel is, in my opinion, a collection of many small stories of the people Gabrielle meets.When I was reading the book I wondered what was happening to me because it was taking crazy turns and that’s what I liked (that’s why I expected a spectacular ending).Another thing, in the book there are many small explanations on some of the topics covered in the story. I’m not talking about the references that the authors put at the bottom of pages. No, no, I am talking about excerpts from the Encyclopedia of Relative and Absolute Knowledge written by the author himself. It was super interesting and I learned a lot of things that I didn’t even know existed.

Overall, the book was really good and I recommend it. Maybe you won’t be disappointed with the end. Maybe I was the one who set the bar too high, as they say.

Where can you find it? :


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