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Total thrift look for 35€

Hey guys!

Here is, finally, the second mixed article that comes out on the occasion of the 1 year of my blog! To create these looks, we went to a thrift store at Kilos. As stated in the title, both looks were made with pieces found in the thrift store. It’s only the shoes and my stockings that don’t come from there, of course. The looks have come back to us at more or less 35 euros per person so nothing at all when we know that a jacket in real jeans is worth in the 80.

For the men’s outfit, I opted for a casual look a little offbeat. My favorite piece of her outfit is of course the denim jacket, interior “moumoute”. Too bad it was not my size because I would have chosen it for me. The sweater that is really the typically winter piece with its flake patterns and stripes of color. I paired it with Adidas jogging pants to bring a little street side. It wasn’t very hot at first for me to associate the outfit with that but I convinced her. The shoes they wear are a bit of the basics, the Nike Blazer. I think they go really well with the outfit because they have this worn effect (since they really are).

My own outfit is really on trend with this little 70s style tile-tile skirt. It’s a real crush! I love it too! In addition it is perfect for this season because it is very hot. My little white sweater is super comfortable and it was clearly a good acquisition because I didn’t have one with a V-neck.I like its oversized effect on me. My denim jacket you already know. Frankly if I can give you a tip is to buy your jackets in jeans in thrift stores. It’s real jeans and they cost so much less than in store. So, my boots that I really wear all the time (my other boots are jealous by the way) come from the PullandBear. They are super comfortable and they make me a little bigger thanks to this wedge sole (perfect combo).

In this article I wanted to show that you don’t always have to buy new clothes. You can clearly find real little wonders in thrift stores. And usually these are unique pieces!

I hope you liked this new mixed article and I intend to do more this new year than 1 per year. In addition I have lots of ideas so I do not understand why I did so little (it’s the misunderstanding in my head).

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