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Wax for everyday #1

Hello guys!

Today we will talk about wax, for those who do not know it is a style of fabric found in Africa in different countries.So usually we buy the fabric and have a couturier sew what we want. So they are a bit of “unique” pieces because they are custom-made. These are very often quite colorful fabrics so it’s sometimes complicated to figure out how to wear this in everyday life (I mean off special occasions). That’s why I decided to talk about this fabric here.

I chose a style a little rock and all black so that the skirt comes out well. At the same time I broke the classic cut of the skirt with my platform boots and my perfecto. For this outfit I decided to apply the layering technique where the principle is to accumulate layers. So instead of a sweater I opted for a jacket and a coat, underneath there is a knotted t-shirt.

Let’s talk about the skirt! I bought this fabric during my trip to Burkina Faso that I made in 2016 (one of my fondest memories). I love colors and patterns so much. I think everything goes very well together. Clearly it is not too possible to find the same skirt in shops. But recently I discovered a “” instagram account. She is a young self-taught seamstress who uses wax and other fabrics for her creations. Go for a walk on his e-shop Everything is so beautiful and well sewn. She chooses her own fabrics and the pieces are available until the fabric is exhausted. Each collection has a very special story that she tells very well about her e-shop. I really like her creations and I can’t wait to get one, especially this dress. Regarding the price, you can tell that it is expensive but not at all. It is completely justified when you know that she works alone and does everything in more or less a week (when I go to a couturier the price is similar to hers).

Shoper’s look:

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