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The House Swap

Hello guys!

Last week I finished Rebecca Fleet’s book “The house swap”. It’s a thriller released in 2018. This is the first novel by this English writer.

Let’s start with a quick summary. Caroline and her husband Francis decide to spend a cheaper vacation by exchanging their home with that of a stranger. It is an opportunity for them to move away from everyday life and to put together the pieces of their fragile marriage. So they put their suitcases in this house which is strangely very empty and cold. This house devoid of personal effects, however, reminds Caroline of her life, especially a time she would like to forget. This person with whom she spends a week knows Caroline well and the secrets she hid in her memory.

I really enjoyed this book! I loved the fact that the book is multi-voiced. It links the thoughts and deeds of Caroline, Francis and the person who lives in their house. We also make several jumps in time. Rebecca Fleet takes us on a journey through several crucial years of this couple’s life. I became attached to the character of Francis, the completely dumped man who does his best to preserve his family. Caroline on the other hand who is the main character I did not like too much. And I thought it was good because often in books you are attached to the main character. It is rare for the author to make him someone the reader does not like because of his actions, reactions and feelings.

I really recommend this book which is a very soft thriller, personally I could no longer deposit it. And it’s been a while since I’ve read such a gripping novel.


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