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10 series that are worth it

(I didn’t rank the series in order of preference)

  • Derry girls

We are in the 1990s in Northern Ireland. We follow the lives of a group of four girls and a boy in the town of Derry, one of the towns most affected by the Northern Irish conflict. A group of young people who only dream of freedom and new experiences.

My favorite character: Michelle. She’s completely crazy and says out loud what everyone thinks aloud.

  • Altamar

The story takes place in the 1940s during the crossing of a Spanish liner to Brazil. A very hectic crossing awaits the passengers. Some will even regret boarding this boat. Carolina and her sister Eva thought they’d make a quiet crossing, but it’ll be the opposite.

Family stories, murders, secrets and the elegance of the 1940s. Everything I love.

  • Coisa mas linda

1959 a Brazil divided in two . On one side the blacks, on the other the whites. On the one hand the working men and on the other the women who raise children. We follow the lives of four very different women who only try to prove that they are not only good at staying at home. A Girl power series set against the backdrop of bossa-nova music.

There is love, a little blood, scheming and … Music.

  • Underground

Blacks are slaves, whites are their masters. We are back in 1857 during the slavery and cotton fields of North America. Slaves from a Georgia plantation are locked in a huge plot of land, it is almost impossible to escape alone. Yes, to escape alone. But what happens if a whole group decides to leave this hell at the same time?!

It’s a series that starts directly in action, literally in action. I had only just put play that something was already happening and that the music was accelerating!

  • Dark

A German series that takes us on a journey between the present, past and future. A small village that suffers disappearances and strange phenomena. An area of déjà vu and familiar faces. You will completely get lost in the links and with each episode you will say to yourself: wait for him it’s …

I’m not telling you any more. Start Season 1 and you’ll understand.

  • The handmaid’s tale

What if we used the Bible in its literal form, took only the passages that serve our ideology and appropriated power? It would give an open-air prison, a reclusive North America, people who live in fear. That would give Gileade. A place where public executions are carried out, where sexual intercourse obeys strict rules and where people find themselves torn from their lives.

A series that gives us pause to reflect on what Christian totalitarianism might be, a series full of actions and a lot of stress.

  • Atypical

Sam Gardner at 18, he’s different, he’s autistic. He only wants one thing, to take his independence and to do like others of his age. However, his parents could not let him make his own decisions. It is the story of a changing family with complicated relationships.

  • Russian Doll

Imagine being at a party. Imagine being at a party. Imagine being in a party … No, you do not dream, I wrote this sentence three times . Nadia is celebrating her thirtieth birthday and he’s just starting over and over again. Can’t get out of this time loop. And every time she tries something, she dies …

Natasha Lyonne’s acting was just crazy! I finished this series full of twists and turns super fast.

  • Trinkets

Three girls, the same high school, three reputations, three lives that everything opposes. Three thieves. Elodie, Moe and Tabitha find themselves in a cleptomane support group. The beginning of a beautiful friendship that will lead them to …… fly even more.

  • 3%

In the future the Brazilian population is divided in two. On the one hand the rich and on the other the poor. Only 3% of the population has the chance to access this idyllic world that is the Other Bank. When young people reach 20 years of age they pass the process that allows them to access this paradise or to remain in their misery. An unjust world that some people love and others want to destroy.

This series unfortunately echoes our current world.


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