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Wax for a wedding #2

Hello guys!

I present this beautiful dress that comes from Souffle. It is the brand of a young Belgian designer, Kyria. She makes beautiful clothes out of fabrics that she finds herself during her various travels. What is even more beautiful is that behind each collection there is a story. Check out his website, everything is explained in detail.

This dress is really perfect, I love it too! Already I had flashed on this very vivid fabric and then the cut of the dress which is perfect. It’s a wrap dress to tie by yourself. It can get on the shoulders or then bare shoulders. I really like its puffy sleeves which are perfectly in the romantic trend. When you order from the site you can leave a note to Kyria. I then asked her to decrease the length of the dress since I am quite small. As you can see from the photos, the dress falls perfectly at my ankles and does not hang on the floor. My shoes are from Asos and they are currently sold. They have a very small heel so you can really put them in any situation. My bag came from Primark.

I think this outfit is perfect for a wedding. The dress is very chic, elegant and the wax fabric gives this touch of originality. The dress is really enough on its own that’s why I decided not to wear jewelry.

If you have never tested this style of fabrics but you want to, I really advise you to go for a tour on its site. She has plenty of little top that could be perfect paired with jeans so goes everywhere (idea of a next look maybe).

These pictures were made in Spain during my vacation. They were all too beautiful, I had a hard time choosing! I hope you liked this article.

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