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Back to school trends 2019-2020

Hello guys!

In this article you will find 7 back-to-school trends with a selection for each trend. The first 6 trends are explained in my YouTube video and the last one here. I leave you with the video and the selection.

1.The tiles

2. Monochrome

3. The oversize

4. The 40’s midi skirt

5. The cape

6. Transparency

7. Hair accessories

This trend is a bit like going back to childhood, the time when we put lots of bars and knots in our hair. We have modernized our childhood headbands with big beads with satin or velvet materials. And they’ve become very big, they almost look like “crowns.” The bars have them in accumulation on one side where just one on each side of the head. These small accessories can in the blink of an eye “raise” the level of your outfit and make you more classy.


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