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Shorts in autumn/winter

Hello guys!

I present my little autumn look that I shot on the same day as the shopping vlog available on my YouTube channel.

I want to tell you that I didn’t get cold with my shorts at all. This is a classic winter shorts that come from KIABI. Yes, shorts aren’t just for summer. With a pair of nylon stockings like me or a pair of sticky stockings (so much warmer) you are not cold. I made you a small selection of winter shorts below. My top heartache comes from Asos. It is completely in the tile trend. The fabric is very thick so perfect for the season and I love the sewing of the sleeves because it gives this puffy effect.

For my stockings, I chose black tights, but there are all kinds in store. Then I like to put stockings with socks and they can be seen. That’s why I opted for grey sequined socks. My boots have a little croc effect and its a little varnished. It adds a touch of originality to very simple boots. The trench coat I’m wearing is from the Primark. Again, it’s right in this trend, we find plenty in store (you can see in my video for that matter). Frankly, it’s super classy and its immediately changing a basic outfit into something more sought after.

Ps: we shot these photos with my camera and I really prefer the result that gives my reflex (but hey, I was not going to delete them so here it is).

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