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Plan cœur

Hello guys,

Do you know this French series “Plan Coeur”? I must confess that I am not the type to watch French series (not at all anyway). Yet as soon as I saw the trailer for this series, I thought, “Jeanne, let yourself be tempted”. And I did the right thing.

This series has appeared in 2018 and will release season 2 on October 11 (I can’t wait). That’s why I thought it was time to talk to you about it.

Plan heart, this is the life of 3 friends and their sentimental stories. Elsa, the shy and sensitive girl who has her heart broken. Charlotte, the extravagant who lives day to day and does not want to get attached. Emilie, a mother-to-be with a tidy and stressed life. To cheer up Elsa, Charlotte decides to help her in her love life. She hires Jules who is supposed to give him a smile and self-esteem. So already paid a boy to go out with his girlfriend it’s not great as an idea, but more when this one is actually a gigolo (or a if you prefer)… I’ll let you guess the rest of the story. So this is the main plot. But around the story of Jules and Elsa orbit those of his two friends Charlotte and Emilie who must also solve their love problems and not be unmasked by Elsa.

Yes yes, it’s a romantic comedy. I don’t watch a lot of series like this, but this one is definitely worth it.

I hope you like it and as I always say, “leave the chance on the first episode and then decide”.


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