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Collateral Beauty

Collateral beauty, is an American film released in 2016. As lead actor we have Will Smith who day the role of Howard Intel but still Kate Winslet (the lead actress of Titanic), Keira Knightley (actress in Pirates of the Caribbean) …

It’s a dramatic film that tells us the story of Howard Inlet. He had everything to be happy until the day his little girl died. He then falls into a depression, he loses his taste for life. To relieve himself, Howard writes letters. But not to anyone. He writes to time, death and love. When these three abstract entities come to life through or because of his three friends, Howard hopes to finally get answers to his questions.

This movie was just beautiful. I loved seeing how time, death and love would behave if they were people. It’s a sad story and yes I had tears in my eyes. But this story is worth seeing. It shows us how a little hope can lift someone who has suffered so much. And then the end was just … Well I’m not going to spoiler so I don’t say more. Watch this movie and judged by yourself.


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