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This is us

Hello guys!

I’m finally talking about this series that I keep talking about in instagram story. This is us is an American series that has been airing in America since September 2016. It’s a drama series in which you can find Milo Ventimiglia (actor in the series Gilmore Girls), Mandy Moore (actress in The Time of an Autumn) and many others. This series consists of 4 seasons (for now). I’m going to tell you about season one.

This is us, it’s the story of a family, the Pearsons. Jack and Rebecca are the parents. Randall, Kevin and Kate are the kids. Kevin and Kate are twins, Randall was born on the same day as them, but he was adopted by the parents. Thanks to flashbacks, we see this family evolve in the present, while the children have just turned 36. We go back to the past of their childhood and adolescence to understand how they became what they are today. And we go back to the days when Rebecca and Jack were just a young couple. Like every family that respects each other, the Pearsons have problems and are going through difficult times. Each member of this family has their own traumas, fears and fears.

Why do I love This is us so much? There are no artifices, this is not a series that makes you dream. It’s a series that shows you the reality of life. And I think everyone can find a piece of their own family in the Pearsons. I found a piece of my family in the Pearsons. Every time I watch an episode of this series, I have tears in my eyes or I have friezes. I don’t think any episodes disappointed me. Everything is super logical and well built.It is a family drama in which there is still joy, laughter, beautiful moments, endearing characters and tears of course. This is us, it’s all of us.A series that is unfortunately not available on Netflix, but on other streaming platforms yes.


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