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Call from angel

Hello guys!

Two weeks ago, I finished the novel “Call from angel” by Guillaume Musso. This book was published in 2011 and was translated into several languages like most of Musso’s books.

We are at New York’s JFK airport which is world black. It’s so crowded that two people end up crashing into each other. Here’s how Jonathan Lempereur and Madeline Greene meet for the first time. He lives in San Francisco , she lives in Paris and they just tie their fate by exchanging their cell phone in the hustle and into it. It is only once they are back home, 10 thousand kilometres apart, that they realize their mistake. A touch of indiscretion and curiosity is enough for them to find themselves rummaging through each other’s phone. It is at this point that they realize that their lives are linked by events of the past that they would have preferred to forget. This is followed by a turbulent and dangerous investigation that may lead them to the truth.

Once again, I loved this Musso novel very much. What I like about this writer is that each book is an investigation that dyes us into an ane, full of twists and action. With this book, we are swept up in an investigation across the Atlantic that spans several years. A well-hidden mystery that must end so that everyone can recover their life. Guillaume Musso has the art of staging his books, which are somewhere police-type investigations, into something much closer to us in and we think it could very well happen to us one day. You can well guess that between Jonathan and Madeline, a little something will happen but of course as in many of his stories this is not the main topic.

In summary, I took great pleasure in reading this book and I hope that maybe you will be tempted too.

Where can you find it?


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