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10 movies for Christmas

Here is a list of 10 movies I like to watch during the holiday season. They’re not all real Christmas movies, but they remind me of that period.

  • The express pole

It’s Christmas Eve, a young boy has lost faith in this holiday and no longer believes in Santa Claus. It is then that a mysterious train appears in front of his house. He boarded the Express Pole, which set off for the enchanted regions of the North Pole.

This film I watch every year since I was little. I love it too much and I never tire of it. When I look at it I really feel like I’m on this beautiful train and I only want to drink a cup of hot chocolate.

  • Little woman

I’m not going to give you a description of my favorite movie because there’s already an article where I’m talking about it. If you want to know more about this film, click here.

  • A Christmas Carol

Scrooge is a very stingy and grumpy old gentleman. The worst part is that he hates Christmas and prefers to be alone counting his money. It is then that on Christmas Eve he receives a visit from a ghost, his former partner, who begs him to repent. Scrooge would have done well to listen to him because this night of December 24th is going to be very eventful.

  • The Holiday

Amanda is Californian, Iris is English. Two women who oppose everything but who have one thing in common, they were disappointed by men. They don’t know each other but will decide to exchange their home for the holiday season. They who thought they were far from men, they’re going to meet people.

This movie I think it’s a Christmas staple and everyone has seen it at least once.

  • Let it snow

A snowstorm hits a small town where everyone knows each other. 8 teenagers, 4 different stories. It’s about love and friendship against a backdrop of Christmas atmosphere.

  • Love actually

It is the story of several people, different couples who are in fact all related. In this film we have several types of couples, be it childhood love, adolescence or marriage. It’s all there. At first we do not fully understand the connection between all these people, but in the end everything becomes very clear.

Yes it’s a love movie.

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Well, I think we all know this film and it’s kind of everybody’s childhood movie. So I’ll leave you with the trailer.

  • The age of Adeline

Adeline is a beautiful woman who has everything for her. She was born in 1908 and yet she does not age after a strange accident when she was 29 years old. Time passes, his past and his present collide. It only escapes the inevitable.

  • Pride and prejudice

This film is based on an 1813 book by Jane Austen. It is the complicated and dramatic love story between Elizabeth, a young girl full of life, and Mr. Darcy, a wealthy bourgeois. The film bears its name because it is by passing over their pride and overcoming prejudice that they will be able to love each other.

In this film, we are back in the 19th century (an era I love to see in movies). We see how Elizabeth grows up in the midst of this love melodrama, in her family and surrounded by her sisters.

  • Anastasia

Saint Pétersbour, 1916. It is the revolution and the family of Tsar Nicholas II is trying to flee the country. The great Duchess Anastasia gets lost in all this turmoil and walks away from her family to pick up her music box. She is no longer finding her way back and is now on her own. 10 years later, we find this young girl who has completely forgotten her origins.


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