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I see you

Hello guys,

I just finished this book and I decided to tell you about it because I particularly liked it. “I see you” is the novel by Clare Mackintosh, a British author of psychological thrillers.

Zoé Wlaker is an avid fan of the London Underground. One day, she discovers her photo in the classifieds of the subway gazette that redirects to a website. Her family persuades her that it is surely not her in the picture, but she still believes otherwise. The only person who would listen to him is the subway police officer, Kelly Swift, who sees a commonality between Zoe’s case and other events that have occurred on the subway, including murder.

In this book, we navigate between the thoughts and life of Zoe, Agent Kelly and the site administrator at least the wanted person. This novel is hyper-addictive and addictive, we are directly immersed in history in the heart of the London underground. This website tracks down women users of the London Underground and publishes their route to registrants in exchange for a nice sum. So that they can approach them more easily, follow them and abuse them. When we are in the thoughts of the site administrator, it is quite disturbing because it “addresses” directly to us. As someone who uses public transport every day, I felt very concerned about this novel and I even found myself observing the people around me to see if anyone was watching me. The book came to life in my hands and I felt like I was in Zoe Walker’s shoes and understood her.

As the investigation progresses, we begin to understand the outcome of the story. No, not at all. I thought I understood but when I got to the LAST page, I discover the true ending of the novel and it completely turned my brains around. I didn’t expect it at all, it was completely crazy. I recommend this book because the end is really worth the detour. This novel was a bit like the book version of the YOU series.

I can’t wait to read this author’s other two books.

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