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Dupes luxury bags

Hello guys,

Today I wanted to show you these big bags of luxuries that are beautiful but inaccessible, for me. Good news, you can find very good dupes in fast fashion stores. I’ve seen a lot of bags, in stores, inspired by luxury brands. So in this youTube article and video, I share with you some of the different dupes of luxury bags that I spotted.


  • Chanel 19 Flap Bag

This bag, we could see it on the parade cruise 2019-2020. It has this quilted effect and it looks quite soft to the touch. I find it super beautiful because it’s a bag a little goes through everything by its shape, but still original by the different textures and colors it can take. It is available in several colors and from small to larger size.

The dupes:

Bottega Veneta

  • Cassette – Padded Cassette

These two bags are my favorites of the brand Bottega Veneta. These are small thong bags with an intertwining stripe effect. The Padded Cassette at a little extra since it is bulging. Again they come in several colours. Personally, I have a preference for the pastel blue Padded Cassette bag. I think it gives a lot of pep to an outfit.

  • The Pouch- The Shoulder Pouch- The BV Jodie

These three bags from Bottega Veneta are very similar. They are almost deformed ball-shaped, can be held by hand or via a handle. They are found in many different colours and materials. For each bag there are several different sizes. These three luxury bags can be found everywhere in the store. Frankly, it is the dupe of the fashion shows that we find the most in the big brands.The dupes:


  • Mini-bag prada re-edition 2005 and the Multi pouch

The mini-bag and the multi-pocket are two bags that we have seen a lot on social networks. They work well because for now, fashion plays on the style of the 2000s. I prefer the mini-bag to the multi-pocket but I think it’s just because I’ve seen too much the second one on Instagram.


  • Book Tote

This is the Caba Dior bag that can be found in large as in smaller. I didn’t see a lot of similar ones but the ones I saw looked a lot like so I thought I’d share them with you.

  • Bag 30 Montaigne

A fairly structured and simple bag with the Dior logo that blends with the buckle. The shape is basic and goes through everything. My favorite is the one with the fabric filled with the logo of the house Dior so in monogram.

  • Lady Dior

The Lady Dior, which is basic from Dior, is available in three different sizes. But the one we see the most is the smallest which is square in shape. It also comes in different colours and textures. The one I find most beautiful is the black matte.


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