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10 series for containment

The list is not classified in a particular order.

I am not okay with this

An American production (the same producers as Stranger Things) based on the graphic novel “Poor Sydney” by Charles Forsman. The first season aired on Netflix in 2020.

Sydney is a rather angry 17-year-old student who can’t control herself. His father died last summer and everything has changed in his life. Sydney understands that she is not like all young people her age, there is something wrong and it scares her.

This series was completely crazy. I finished it in a few hours since there are only 7 episodes of 20 minutes. I really liked this universe quite dark and still a little funny. But the best was the end. Guys the end was completely what the fuck, I think no one could have suspected what was going to happen!

The end of the fuck***ing world

A British production by the same director as the series “I am not okay with this” and it is felt. It was released in 2017 on Channel 4 and 2018 on Netflix. There are already two seasons.

James, 17, he lives alone with his father and thinks he’s a psychopath because he doesn’t feel anything. He decides to kill a human to try to feel something. He chooses Alyssa, a sullen girl with various problems. Together they decide to flee their small town and go on an adventure.

A rather de-icing series but with a great story. I liked the relationship that will be built between James and Alyssa who are 2 very special teenagers with a well-being. Season 1 was great and Season 2 followed well.

The Politician

A U.S. production released in 2019 on Netflix.Payton Hobart is rich and ambitious. He only wants one thing, to be the next president of the United States. To achieve his goal, he must first be elected as president of his high school’s student council and have an impeccable academic background to be admitted to Harvard. But the election is going to get complicated. Between lies, scheming and low blows Payton risks losing everything.

I found this series funny because it was impressive to see how an 18-year-old who is supposed to enjoy his youth is willing to do anything to achieve his goal. In addition there are all the little stories that orbit around him, with a lot of betrayal and his advisers who through Payton also try to achieve their goals. And then the end was too good, it was a good turnaround. It just makes you want to see season 2 and I hope it arrives soon.

The A List

A British production airing in 2018 and 2019 on Netflix.

The story of a group of teenagers who go to a holiday camp on an island isolated from everything. This island is full of mysteries and it has an air of déjà vu for young Mia. And to top it off, her rival Amber is doing everything she can to turn the others against her. Mia only wants one thing, to leave this island but it is impossible.

I stumbled upon this series by chance and I liked all the mystery that revolved around this island and Amber. It’s not the best series but it’s nice and the story is building well.

Dead to me

A U.S. production released in 2019 on Netflix.

Jen Harding is a mother of two who just lost her husband in a car accident. To relieve herself she goes into a support group, there she meets Judy who has also lost her fiancé. The two women become friends, but Judy’s secrets may ruin everything.

I really enjoyed the friendship between Jen and Judy, a friendship that turned into hatred but remained very strong. Frankly this series was too good and the ending was perfect, so many twists. I can’t wait to see Season 2!

Love alarm

A South Korean production released in 2019 on Netflix.

Love Alarm is an app that alerts people as soon as someone around them likes them. Kim Jojo, who has been living with her aunt and cousin since the death of her parents, is forced to work in addition to her studies to pay off her mother’s debts. In addition to all these problems, Jojo finds himself drawn into a love triangle with two boys who are best friends.

This is the first Korean drama I’ve ever watched. It’s a very romantic series, it’s typical of korean series. I came across it during my August blockade and I loved it. If you don’t like hyper romantic stories, go your way. Season 2 is coming soon.


An Italian production released in 2018 on Netflix and containing 2 seasons. This series is inspired by the Italian scandal “Baby Squillo”: the discovery of a prostitution ring of minors in 2014 in Italy.

Chiara and Ludovica go to the same high school. They make friends and to escape the daily life and their problems they decide to lead a double life. Students during the day and escort girl at night they will get lost and play with fire.

Already the fact that the series is based on real facts changes the whole vision. We talk not only about their life as an escort but also about the ill-being that Ludovica and Chiara face. It’s also about those friendships that can sometimes get you into trouble. Season 3 is coming soon and it will be the last.


An American production that is the adaptation of the comic Teen Titans (I liked this cartoon too much being small). It was released in late 2018 on DC Universe streaming and in 2019 on Netflix. The series has two seasons.

Dick Grayson, who worked with Batman as Robyn, emancipated himself from his mentor. He now works for the Detroit Police Department. He meets Rachel, a young girl who seems to have uncontrollable power and tries to protect her from people who want to harm her.

Personally, I really like superhero movies but in general I don’t hang on to DC comics series. But this series I liked too much! If you have seen the cartoons you should know that it has nothing to do with. It’s a very, very dark series with a lot of action. The mystery is well held until the end and season 2 was just as good as the 1.

Locke & Key

An American production that is the adaptation of comics of the same name (I did not know at all). It was released in 2020 on Netflix.

The Locke family moved to the family mansion following the father’s murder. Arriving in this house, the 3 children realize that several magic keys are hidden in the house and that they allow to have powers. But they are not the only ones who know these keys, someone on the dark side is willing to do anything to get them. The Lockes are going to have to fight to keep them.

I’m a little mixed on this show. She was nice but by the little brother Bode I found that the others were a little slow to react. They did not use all the means at their disposal to get out of the way. Which was really ridiculous so it frustrated me. After that, the ending was really good. I didn’t expect it at all so it raises the level of the series a bit.

The trailer it’s almost 3 minutes (it’s huge in my opinion) don’t watch everything.

The Bold Type

An American production released in 2017. She is inspired by the life of Joanna Coles, the former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. It contains 3 seasons.

We are in the writing of a women’s magazine in New York, Scarlet. Kat, Jane and Sutton work together in the company in various positions. In addition to being colleagues, they are best friends. The three young women will help each other to evolve at the professional and personal levels by putting their friendship first.

A series that shows us the lives of 3 women in a women’s magazine. I like to see their little daily struggles that sometimes lead and big awareness. A series that also tackles many different subjects and which show once again a beautiful friendship.


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