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My films of March 2020

Isi and Osis

A German romantic comedy released in 2020 starring Lisa Vicari (actress in the series “Dark”, I mentioned in a previous article here) and Dennis Mojen.

Isi is a young student in her final year from a middle-class family. She dreams of becoming a chef and opening her own restaurant. But her parents don’t agree, they want their daughter to go to great school like them. Ossi is a middle-class boy. He wants to become a professional boxer but he can’t find a sponsor to help him achieve his dream. One day, these two young people who are all opposed will meet and maybe find common ground to help each other.

I enjoyed this love film, it was fun and fun. I looked at it in German even though I find that this language is not very beautiful.

Alle the bright places

I did a full article on this film which was my favorite of the month. Find him here.


A superhero movie from the DC comics universe. It’s out in 2019. As main actors we have: Zachary Levi (actor in “Thor”) and Asher Angel.

Billy is a young boy who goes from foster care to foster care and keeps running away in an attempt to find his mother. He is placed in a new family with 5 other children. When he takes the subway he meets Shazam who has to find someone to take over his power. Shazam needs a person who has good intentions and a pure heart. Billy is the right person, but he’s going to have to learn to master that power to fight Thaddeus.

I’m a big fan of superhero movies so Marvel, DC Comics and X-men. But this film had never interested me. Eventually I watched it with my brother and it is too good. It’s a superhero movie so it’s always kind of the same principle but the way Billy will evolve surrounded by all his new family and the end of the movie were really great!

Julie and Julia

An American comedy-drama released in 2009. As actors we find: Meryl Streep (actress in “The Devil Wears Prada” which is one of my favorite movies, “Mamma Mia!” …) and Amy Adams (actress in “Once Upon a Time,” “Man of Steel” …). This film is an adaptation of Julie Powel’s two books that tells her own story.

Julie is a young thirty-something who feels like she has missed her life. To change her routine she decided to open a cooking blog where she gave herself 1 year to realize the 524 recipes of Julia Child’s book. Along with her story, we see how in 1948 Julia Child came to create this French cookbook for American housewives.

In this film we travel between 2002 and the 50s. I enjoyed seeing how Julia Child did to create this cookbook in a time when only men were legitimate to do great cooking. In addition we see all these good dishes, it made me hungry!

Le retour du héros 

A French comedy airing in 2018. In this film we find: Jean Dujardin (actor in “OSS 117”, “Brice de Nice” …) and Mélanie Laurent (actress in “Inglorious Basterds”, “La Rafle” …).

It is 1809, during the Napoleonic Wars. Captain Neuville proposes to Pauline. Everyone is happy with this future union, but the captain is ordered to join the front. Months pass and Pauline doesn’t get any news from him, she goes crazy. Her sister Elisabeth decides to comfort her by sending her letters in place of Neuville and inventing beautiful stories. While no one thought to see him again Captain Neuville resurfaces and Elisabeth will have to answer to this man who will benefit a lot from his imagination.

One day I turned on the TV and came across this film, that’s how I found out. I started watching it because I like movies that talk about the 19th and 20th centuries. He was really nice, I laughed well. It was a beautiful French comedy as we know them.

Des vents contraires

A French drama released in 2011 which is an adaptation of Olivier Adam’s novel of the same name. As actors we have: Benoît Magimel (actor in “The Little Handkerchiefs”, “The Pianist” …) and Isabelle Carré (actress in “The Anonymous Emotional” super nice this film, “Meet with an angel” …).

Paul Anderen is a writer, overnight his wife disappears. He decides to return to the city of his youth with his two children. It’s a new beginning for them. But his wife’s shadow still hangs over them and prevents them from moving forward.

It was a pretty moving film (I didn’t cry no no). It was sad to see the distress of this man and his children. He, who is only trying to move forward, faces various problems that could have been avoided. A beautiful film, glad to have watched it.

Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulin

A French film released in 2001 which is a romantic comedy. We find as actors: Audrey Tautou (actress in “Da Vinci Code”, “The Delicacy” I liked this film …) and Mathieu Kassovitz (actor in “Banlieusards” too well this film, “the fifth element” …).

Amélie lives in Montmartre and works in a café. She is a special young woman who likes to meddle in the lives of others to help them improve her life. But when it comes to her life, Amélie gets nothing and flees her destiny.

I decided to watch this movie simply because I couldn’t remember the story (I saw it when I was little). This film is a classic of French films that is well worth a visit. I really liked the character of Amélie, this super caring girl who meddles in all the little stories of the people she meets. She has courage for others but does nothing for her. His love affair with this boy he met by chance is going to be a real treasure hunt.

Love jacked

A Canadian romantic comedy released in 2018. We find in the film: Amber Stevens West (actress in “22 Jump Street”, “The Amzing Spider-Man” …) and Keith David (actor in the series “Greenleaf” …).

Maya is an artist in need of inspiration. To reconnect with her art she embarked on a trip to South Africa, but her father disagreed. She still goes on a trip and meets Mtumbie with whom she is engaged despite the negative opinion of her father. But this one “lets her go” and it is out of the question for Maya to go home without a fiancé, her father would be too happy. That’s where Malcolm comes in.

A very funny and very nice love film. Well from the beginning we understand the love story but the end was still a little surprising and very funny. Frankly it was very nice.


Little Women (2019)

An American drama film released in 2019 which is one of many adaptations of the novel “Little women” by Louisa May. As actors we have: Emma Watson (actress in “Harry Potter”, “Charlie’s World” too sad this film …) and Saoirse Ronan (actress in “Brooklyn” really too well as a movie…).

We are in the 1860s at the heart of the March family. This is the story of four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. All four meet their neighbour Laurie. He’ll become their friend and more. These four girls with very different characters will do everything to realize their dreams and emancipate themselves as a woman in a society that leaves no room for them. It is a story of liberation, of love but above all of brotherly love.

I’ve already seen the adaptation of this film that dates from 1994, it’s my favorite movie (the article here). In both films the story is the same. It is just approached differently, they have not focused on the same aspects of the story. I really had a hard time getting into this film because I know the other version by heart. So my brain had to assimilate that yes it’s the same story but, no, they don’t have to follow the course of your favorite movie. Once I managed to detach myself from the other adaptation, I was able to enjoy the film. He was really good. I liked the way they brought to light some scenes that went a little under the hammer in the 1994 version. And then some of the lines were exactly the same as the other adaptation, which also helped me to appreciate the film. The only thing that me off was Jo’s character. I found that actress Saoirse Ronan didn’t play it well but, again I think it’s because I’m used to the Jo played by Winona Ryder in the 1994 film. My favorite character in this version was Amy, the actress played it so well and her moments of dialogue with Laurie were so beautiful.

In short, if your favorite movie isn’t “Little women” from 1994 or you’ve never seen it, you’re going to enjoy this movie. He was really good, with a very nice message. But it will never be as good as the other adaptation in my opinion (well I’m just saying that because it’s the film of my childhood, I’m not at all objective). Look at both and tell me which one you preferred!

The taste of wine

An American drama released in 2020. We find in the film: Mamoudou Athena and Courtney B. Vance (actor in “Final Destination 5” …).

Elijah juggles his work at his father’s restaurant with his job at a wine store. He dreams of becoming a sommelier, but his father stands against him and forces him to take over the family business. Elijah will do everything to make his dream come true, even if it means not talking to his father anymore.

I liked Elijah’s will and everything he will do to achieve his goal. It’s a film that shows the sometimes crafting relationships that you can have with your parents and that you should never let go of anything despite the dramas that can strike us. It was nice, but not huge.


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