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Le miroir de Cassandre

Hello everyone,

Here is one of my recent readings, and yes still a book by Bernard Weber (I told you about another of his books, HERE). He is a French writer who mixes several universes: spirituality, science fiction, polar, biology, mythology etc. I warn you already that it is a big book, 785 pages. The biggest book I’ve read. In Bernard Weber’s novels I always learn a lot of things and that’s nice.

Come on, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Cassandra is a 17-year-old girl, she is an orphan and lives in the boarding school of her school. Cassandra is special, she sees the future. It is a gift and at the same time a curse. She can see the future and warn others of events but no one wants to believe her. It was during her escape from boarding school that she met four people on the margins of society who would change her life.

What do I think about this novel? Honestly, I read it slowly compared to usual. Not because it is not interesting but because it is heavy to assimilate and there are many concepts that I did not know. The story itself has me much more. I like it when we talk about topics like the future. And here, in addition to the future Bernard Werber also gives us scientific elements that touch the brain and it was really super interesting. In this book, we see Cassandra evolve, trying to understand his life and where it comes from. We also discover a world that is completely unknown to us with people we see every day on the street but whose existence we forget.

Immerse yourself in Cassandra’s mind to see the world differently.

Available at:

  • Fnac pocket version: HERE
  • Large format Fnac: HERE


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