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My films of April 2020


A Belgian-Luxembourg-Franco-Pakistani production released in 2016. This dramatic film is based on the murder of Sadia Sheikh in Charleroi in 2007. As main actors we have: Lina El Arabi and Sebastien Houbani.

Zahira is 18 years old, she is a normal girl who lives a peaceful life in her family. Until the day her parents decide it’s time for her to grow up and find a husband. Zahira has the choice between 3 men, whom she does not know and has not chosen. All she wants is to live.

I remember following this fact in the press. So seeing the story taken up in film made even more sense to me. Well then we all know the outcome of this story … But still, I really liked the movie. He was very touching and sad. Anyway, seeing movies based on real facts is always worth it. In this story, we have been able to discover Pakistani traditions and see how sometimes parents can put enormous pressure on their children’s backs.

God is not dead 2

An American film released in 2016. There was a first film but you don’t particularly need to see it to understand this one (although it was very interesting). In the actors we find: Melissa Joan Hart (actress in “Sabrina the Witch Apprentice”) and Jesse Metcalfe (actor in “Dead Rising”).

Grace is a history teacher, one day at one of her classes one of her students asks him if Gandhi’s and Jesus’ words are similar. Although it is forbidden to talk about religion within the school, Grace decides to answer the question. A student denounces her and Grace finds herself drawn into a legal battle because she refuses to withdraw her remarks.

It’s a Christian film that defends the faith. It is the story of a woman who fights to be able to say the name of Jesus out loud and believe in it without being punished. A film to remind us that no one should be afraid to say their beliefs out loud and to expose their religion.

The Return of Mary Poppins

The sequel to the classic 1964 film Mary Poppins (if you haven’t seen it you don’t know what you’re missing). So this sequel came out in 2018, it’s a musical. We find in this film: Emily Blunt (actress in: “The devil dresses in Prada”, “Victoria: the young years of a queen” a great movie for those who love royal stories …), Ben Whishaw (actor in “Skyfall”, “Dansih Girl” …) and many others.

The Banks children have grown up well since Mary Poppins first came. Michael Banks still lives in his childhood home with his 3 children and with his sister Jeanne since the death of his wife. This one goes through a complicated situation. The bank wants to take his property if he does not pay the loan by the end of the week. Michael and Jeanne remember that their father had left them shares in the bank, this is their only chance to keep a roof over their heads. But it’s impossible for them to find that paper. That’s where Mary Poppins made her big entrance.

In this film we find the magic of the first Mary Poppins, it takes us back to childhood. It’s obviously not the same film as the first one but it’s a logical sequel. The film was very beautiful and it made me want to see the first one again. But personally, I think it will never match the Mary Poppins of 1964.

Kuch Kuch hota hai (Let your heart speak)

It’s a Hindu romantic drama released in 1998. As the main actor we find: Shahrukh Khan (he has starred in many Hindu films), Kajol Mukherjee (my favorite Hindu actress) and Rani Mukherjee (yes, they have the same surname, they are cousins in fact). You should know that Hindu movies are always very long. The oldest ones are 4 hours (like this one) and the newer ones are around 2:30-3 hours.

Rahul, a widowed young father has a daughter named Anjali. On her birthday, she receives letters written by her mother, Tina. In these letters, his mother tells him about the life of his father and his friend Anjali. Rahul and Anjali were best friends in their youth. Tina’s last wishes were for her daughter to track down this friend so that her father wouldn’t be alone for the rest of his life. Anjali then immerses herself in the youth of her father and this mysterious friend whose name she bears.

It’s my favorite Hindu movie. It’s the first one I’ve watched with my family and it’s thanks to this film that we’ve hung on to this universe. Hindu films are like musicals but with a real culture and songs that take you elsewhere. In these films, we discover rituals, another world and beautiful traditional clothes. Ok it’s long, but you can still watch it twice. And the story of this film is too beautiful. So yes, we’re completely on a film with rose water I do not hide it from you. But this love story is too beautiful for you to miss.

The movie is available on Netflix (they have a nice selection of Hindu movies), I haven’t found a suitable trailer so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs from the movie which is a very good taste. Enter the world of Hindu films and broaden your horizons.

Prem ratan dhan payo (A treasure called Love)

Another romantic Hindu film, but this one was released in 2015. In the actors we have: Salman Khan (an actor found in “Kuch Kuch hota hai” ) and Sonam Kapoor. But this one is a little shorter (because newer), it lasts 3 hours.

Yuvraj Vijay Singh is a lonely prince in conflict with the rest of his family. He will soon be crowned and married to Princess Maithili but shortly before these events an accident occurs and he falls into a coma. These counselors are worried about him because this accident was an attempted murder. In order to treat him quietly, they decide to replace him with Prem Dilwale, a comedian. Prem arrives in this royal life and goes to turn everything upside down.

Here we are in a love film but it was more a family story. This film shows us how old resentments can ruin people’s lives. A story that mixes love and family with a touch of humor. Again we are transported by the Hindu world. A very good Hindu film with a very nice life lesson.

For this film there is a very nice trailer. Let yourself be tempted by Hindu movies, you have nothing to lose (apart from your time perhaps).

Love Wedding Repeat

An American romantic comedy released in 2020. As actors we find: Sam Claffin (actor in “The Hunger Games” my trilogy of favorite books, “Before You” a hyper moving film, “Love Rosie” already available on the blog ...), Olivia Munn (actress in “Ocean’s 8″, “X-Men: Apocalypse” …) Eleanor Tomlinson (actress in “The Illusionist”, “Alice in Wonderland” …).

Hayley’s getting ready for the happiest day of her life, her wedding. Jack her brother is obviously there to support her. During this marriage, he will find the girl he had let spend three years earlier, Dina and her ex. But at this wedding, nothing goes as planned. And to get by Hayley asks Jack to take care of this problem. But between the girl he loves, his ex and the problems of the bride Jack gets lost and the marriage may well fall into the water.

So, already I like Sam Claffin too so I’ll tell you that I liked the film (the girl not at all objective). It was a nice movie, very funny. It is perfect for anyone who wants to watch a movie that is not head-picked and easy to see.

Miracle in cell 7

A Turkish drama film released in 2019. In fact it is a remake of the South Korean film of the same title released in 2013. It has been so successful that in 2017 there has been another Philippian adaptation and an Indonesian one. A movie that touches everyone.

Memo is a shepherd, he lives with his daughter and grandmother. Memo is not a father like any other, he has a mental disability but that does not prevent him from loving his daughter. One day, he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is accused of killing the commander’s daughter. He ends up in jail, in cell number seven. Helped by the cellmates, his little girl who does not accept that his father is wrongly accused will try to save him.

A really super moving film and I understand why it was adapted so many times. It shows the injustice of life and a father’s love for his daughter. The father’s acting is really amazing and the little girl is so endearing. Anyway, if you want to cry a little I recommend this movie.

The travelling castle

A Japanese animated film released in 2004. It’s a free adaptation of Diana Wynne Jones’ novel “The Castle of Howling.”

Sophie is 18 years old and working in her late father’s store. One day she walks around, she meets a mysterious sorcerer. This boy is wanted by the witch of the Landes. To find him, she goes after Sophie and casts a spell on him. Sophie turns into an old lady. She then goes in pursuit of the sorcerer she had met in an attempt to regain her appearance as a young girl.

I really like Japanese animated films (I‘m not a big fan but I love this universe). Despite appearances, the whole film revolves around love. It’s a beautiful love story with beautiful animations as the Japanese know so well.

American sound

An American drama film released in 2019. We meet: Kerry Washington (actress in “Django Unchained”, the series “Scandal” …) and Steven Pasquale … The film is based on a Broadway play and it feels a lot like it’s coming from there.

Kendra’s going to report her son Jamal’s disappearance to the police. It is received by Officer Paul Larkin who does not really take the deposition seriously and makes some (many) racist allusions. He doesn’t want to tell him until Lieutenant in charge arrives. But when Scott Kendra’s ex-white marriage arrives the officer begins to talk about a possible arrest.

You will understand it is a film that talks about racism and “violence” police. In this film we witness the distress of a mother and her helplessness in the face of the situation. The whole film is set in one room, which is why I directly understood that it was based on a play. It’s all based on the actors’ play and those lines they throw as one throws a tennis ball into a match. I like too much this kind of film where everything is played in the dialogues and not the scenery. It was really touching and I had a lot of pain for those parents.

The Passenger

A French-British American film released in 2018. We can find: Liam Neeson (actor in “Taken”, “Schindler’s List”, “Batman Begins” …), Vera Farmiga (actress in “Esther“, “Conjuring”, the series “Bates Motel” …) …

Michael is an ex-policeman who has just been fired from his sales job. Like every day, he takes the commuter train home and reunites with his family. During this journey, a woman approaches her, Joanna. She asks Michael to find the passenger who was the intruder on the train in exchange for $100,000. Michael wants to refuse the deal but he has no choice because now his family is in danger. He has to the end of the train to save his family.

Like almost all films with Liam Neeson we are in the heart of the action. We move in all directions and we travel this train to try to find the intruder. But the story Michael embarked on is far more complex than he thought. A film full of action and suspense.


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