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My films of May and June 2020

The Trilogy: The Lord of the Rings

I watched the 3 films “The Community of the Ring”, “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King” successively released in 2001, 2002 and 2003. They are based on the trilogy of the novel of the same name that dates from 1954. These are fantastic American-New Zealand movies. In the actors we find: Elijah Wood (actor in the series “Dirk Gently” that you can find here), Ian Mckellen (actor in “X-men”, “Da vinci code”, “The Hobbit” …) and Orlando Bloom (actor in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “The Three Musketeers”, “The Hobbit” …).

I will summarize the general story that is the main plot of the 3 films. We are in a fantastic world with elves, orcs, dwarves, hobbits, men and other strange creatures. One day, an evil force, Sauron, makes a ring that gives him the power to direct the whole earth. The only way to destroy it is to throw it into a specific volcano. This complicated task is entrusted to Frodo the Hobbit. With his companions he will travel this land to carry out this quest. But watch out for the ring, it is much more dangerous than you might think.

This is NOT ALL my film style. If there is one kind of film that I find difficult to watch, that is all that happens in the Middle Ages and which I will call a “horseman”. These films are completely that! Yet I wanted to watch them because in my opinion they are classics of our century (besides the 3rd is one of the films that received the most Oscars). Finally I liked this story of “knight” and I understood why they had so many Oscars. The films are just beautiful, the sets are to die for a production that dates from the very beginning of the 2000s. We’re really immersed in this fantastic world.

In terms of the characters, there are times when I wanted to hit Frodo who is the main character. Frankly, this guy’s too dumb. On the other hand, I had a big crush on his sidekick Sam who is much more thoughtful than Frodo. Just for fun, if I were to be a creature of this world I would be an elf. They were way too stylish. It’s like we’ve put all the charisma in the world into one people! It was a good experience to watch these movies but I wouldn’t do it again. Once, that’s good enough for me!

Trailer of the first. All 3 movies are available on Amazon Prime.

Dangerous Lies

An American thriller released in 2020. We find: Camila Mendes (actress in “The perfect date” a very nice film and the series “Riverdale”…), Jessie Usher (actor in “Beautiful boy” …).

Katie and Adam are a young couple who are in debt. With her work as a caregiver, Katie tries to save the day. When her patient dies, she inherits her fortune. A nice gift that actually hides a dark story. Between lies and manipulations Katie and Adam will have to unravel the truth of the fake.

To be honest, seeing the trailer I expected much better. I’m a little disappointed even though the plot was nice. In fact it was Adam’s character that bothered me. He was too lame, I felt like he wasn’t thinking. And Katie wasn’t taking matters into her own hands. Frankly I’m quite mixed on this movie.

I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Lost girls

An American drama film released in 2020. This film is based on the book “Lost Girls: An unsolved american mystery” by Robert Kolker which is itself based on real facts. As actors we can find: Amy Ryan and Gabriel Byrne.

When her daughter disappears and the police don’t set up everything to find her, Mari decides to take over the investigation herself. While she hopes to find her daughter, she sheds light on a series of unsolved murders of young prostitutes on the beaches of Long Island.

A film that shows the distress and strength of a mother willing to do anything to find her daughter. It’s based on real facts so this kind of film is generally good. This is an unsolved case, don’t expect to have answers to your questions even though I hope that one day these families will know the truth.

The trilogy: Matrix

A film trilogy (the 4th will be released in 2021, I can’t wait) australian-American science fiction. The 3 films are: Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions. Released in 1999, 2003 and 2003 respectively. As actors we find: Keanu Reeves (actor in: John Wick), Carrie-Anne Moss (actress in: Memento) and Laurence Fishburne (actor in: Passengers).

I had already seen all three films when I was little but there are a lot of things I didn’t understand. It’s a bit like I’ve made a story with some elements but it was overall that.

Imagine living in a world that looks like the real world but actually doesn’t exist. Welcome to the Matrix. It is in this virtual world that Man is stuck. The only solution to save everyone is to find the “chosen one” but who will be strong enough to oppose the Matrix?

I love trooooop these movies! Already, I’m a big fan of dystopias and with these movies we’re right in it. The story is super intriguing, there are plenty of action scenes and with the ending they gave us in the 3 it’s normal to finally release the 4. After there are all the effects, all the slow motions that despite the age of the films still make it as good. Finally, I could never get tired of watching these movies because the main characters are just too well dressed. I completely flashed on Trinity’s wardrobe when it’s in the Matrix (especially her vinyl trench coat) and That of Niobe (character who arrives in the 2). The only criticism I can make to the film is to have put too much emphasis on the love story because to be honest, we don’t care! We want to know if they succeed in destroying the Matrix. Then, the end leaves us serious on our hunger and from the 2 there are too many obvious things but precisely it leaves a nice opening for the 4 that arrives in 2021!

Trailer of the first. All 3 movies are available on Netflix.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

An American superhero movie released in 2016. As actors we find: Ben Affleck (actor in Gone girl, I really liked this film), Henry Cavill (actor in Mission Impossible) and Amy Adams (actress in Julie and Julia the article on this film is here).

The place given to Superman THE superhero par excellence is called into question. Is he really there to help humans, who are just an alien? If one day Superman slips, can someone stop him? These are the questions that the people and Batman are asking themselves. But is he really the real threat?

I thought I had never seen this film, I realized half that I had already seen it but not “seriously”. I love superhero movies but I’m not a big fan of Superman, let alone Batman, even though they’re two iconic comic book characters. The film was good because it was interesting to see two superheroes who are supposed to fight together against the same mound split. But there are lots of interesting little innuendos that have not been exploited and that I could not have understood if I had not seen the film with a pro comics (dedication to my brother).

18 gifts

An Italian drama film was released in 2020. Starring: Benedetta Porcaroli (actress in the series Baby article here) and Victoria Puccini. It’s a film based on real events.

Anna is going to be 18 years old and like every year a gift left by her mom for this occasion awaits her. A gift from a mother Anna doesn’t know. Thanks to or because of an event, Anna will be able to find out who her mother was and spend a few moments with her.

I liked that movie. We really see anna’s distress as she cries out for help. The way the film is shot, to give Anna a second chance to know her mother, is also very beautiful.


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