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2 outfits ideas for summer

It’s summer, it’s nice (well when the weather is right), the birds sing, the confinement is (almost) behind us in short the beautiful days are here. Today I decided to offer you 2 looks ideal for the summer easy to do with what you have in your wardrobe.

Look 1

For the first look I chose a loose shorts that is perfect for summer, not too short, not too long. Paired with a knitted top in the same tones as shorts. Then I would put on a white short-sleeved shirt stitched in men to have an oversized effect. Like shoes what better than flat sandals. To finish the outfit, a pair of sunglasses in a vintage shape with a large chain with glasses and a basket bag in a picnic style.

Look 2

For this look I opted for loose pants because it’s the most comfortable thing to wear in summer. Paired with a romantic style top that goes great with these pants. For the shoes I opted for a pair of knitted sandals. To finish the outfit I chose a baguette bag, it’s really the bag of the moment. They can be found in many different colors and textures. As well as a scarf that could be tied in his hair or attached to the handle of the bag.


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