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My Films of July 2020

Horse soldiers (12 strong)

An American war film released in 2018. As actors we find: Chris Hemsworth (actor in “Thor”, “The Hunter and the Ice Queen”), Michael Shannon (actor in “An Endless Day”, “The Rebel Wedding”) and Michael Pena (actor in “Ant-man”, “Hidden Beauty” article here).2001, the attack of September 11 just shook the entire earth. Mitch Nelson is a member of the U.S. Special Forces. He and his team are sent to Afghanistan to work with General Abdul Rachid Dostom to try to dismantle the Taliban.

A film based on “real facts” in which we see men fighting for their country. I’m not a big fan of war movies especially as wars are always hyper complicated (and between us it serves no purpose other than doing collateral damage and killing innocent people). However, the film was nice and well constructed but you have to pay close attention to the dialogues.

Mean Girls

An American comedy released in 2004. For this film, the screenwriter was inspired by the personal development book “Queen Bees and Wannabes” by Rosalind Wiseman. As actors we find: Lindsay Lohan (actress in “Freaky Friday” a cult movie according to me, “Lucky girl” …), Rachel McAdams (actress in “Never Forget” a beautiful film, “Out of time” it is too well watch this movie, “It was time” still a film far too well …

Cady, who has lived all his life in Africa, moves to Illinois with his parents. Cady doesn’t know the rules and high school life is a whole new experience. After meeting Damian and Janis, Cady meets the “Plastics” who are the most popular and nasty girls in high school. With the help of Damian and Janis she imagines a plan to harm these girls but Cady will get caught at her own game.

I can’t believe I summed up this film when in my opinion ALL THE WORLD knows “Mean girls” (in French “Lolita in spite of me”). If you don’t know this film I invite you to go see it right away because it has clearly become a cult film of cinema. There is a 2 that came out in 2011 but it is not terrible honestly.

A quiet Place

An American thriller released in 2018. The main actors of the film are: Emily Blunt (actress in “The Devil Wears Prada” a classic this film, “Victoria: the young years of a queen” a film that talks about stories of royalty, “5 years of reflection” a very nice romantic comedy …) and John Krasinski (actor in “The Holiday” a cult movie I’ve already talked about here …). Fun fact: Emily Blunt and John Krasinski play a couple in this movie and they are also husband and wife in real life.

It is 2020 in a post-apocalyptic world, a world in which those who survived must remain silent. They live under the threat of strange creatures very sensitive to the slightest sounds. So to save their lives they had to adapt but that was not to mention the arrival of a new child in their family.

Already it is not at all a horror movie even if according to Netflix is one. It’s a real, good thriller. I really liked this movie too much (at the same time with Emily Blunt it can only be good). A super quiet but hectic film at the same time. With very little dialogue that is viewed without difficulty because we are immediately caught in the plot and in the suspense. Good news the sequel to this movie came out this year, I can’t wait to watch it.

New York Melody

An American drama film released in 2013. Starring: Keira Knightley (actress in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Come Back to Me”, “Hidden Beauty” my article here …) and Mark Ruffalo (actor in “30 years if nothing” one of my favorite films, “What if it were true” still a classic in my opinion that is the adaptation of one of the novels of Marc Levy …).

As Greta prepares to leave New York, she meets Dave, a former great producer, at an open stage. He sees in her a great talent and decides to produce it without the support of anyone. She who had made a cross on the music begins to believe in her voice.

A film that I think is about regaining confidence and making dreams come true against a backdrop of quiet music. I liked the atmosphere, it was super simple.

Kissing booth 1 and 2

An American romantic comedy released in 2018 for the first and 2020 for the second (2 years waiting for the 2 it was long!). The films are adaptations of the trilogy of the same title by Beth Reekles. As actors we find: Joey King (actress in “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Summer Love” …), Joel Courtney (actor in “Don’t let me go”, “Dear Eleanor” …) and Jacob Elordi (actor in the series “Euphoria” …).

Ella and Lee have been best friends since childhood. They grew up together and spent all their time together. To avoid any problems in their friendship Ella and Lee have created a list of rules to follow. Rule number nine forbids Ella from falling in love with Noah, Lee’s older brother. But sometimes the feelings are stronger than the will…

I had already seen the first one but I decided to see it again before the 2 to get back in the mood. Well clearly we all know the end, it’s so predictable (but we look anyway). It’s a super super romantic film but that’s why we watch this kind of movie. The first movie was super cute and I was expecting something similar for the second one. I was not disappointed and now I look forward to the 3 to conclude this saga in style.

The half of it

An American romantic film released in 2020 inspired by the play “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Edmond Rostand. As lead actor we find: Leah Lewis, Alexxis Lemire and Daniel Diemer.

Ellie Chu is a high school girl. Almost finally, she writes essays instead of students in exchange for money. One day, Paul asks him to write a love letter in his place for Aster, one of the most popular girls in high school. Ellie thought she would manage her feelings but they will be stronger and there will be more than just a letter.

A film that tells us in a way the story of a love triangle without really being one. He speaks to us of unspoken feelings and self-acceptance in every sense of the word. I liked the story and the beautiful friendship between help that is created in the queues of events between Ellie and Paul. In fact it is more a film of “friendship” than a love film per se.

The Great Gatsby

An Australian-American drama film released in 2013. This is one of the adaptations of F’s novel “The great Gatsby.” Scott Fitzgerald. Starring: Leonardo Dicaprio (actor in “Titanic”, “Stop me if you can” …), Tobey Maguire (actor in ” Spider-Man”, “Last Days of Summer” …) and Carey Mulligan (actress in “Never let me go”, “Far from the raging crowd” …).

Nick has just left his native region to start financing on Wall Street. He settled next to Jay Gatsby’s huge house. Gatsby is a mysterious man that no one really knows but who makes a name for himself because of the big receptions he gives at home. Gatsby who seems to have it all, actually wants something more than anything in the world and Nick is the only person who can help him.

The sets and costumes in this film are so beautiful. We are immediately embarked on what the Roaring Twenties were all about. Then I didn’t expect to come across such a sad story at all. Gatsby hurt me so much. This film is really a mixture between madness, the excesses of the 30s and an unattainable love. I enjoyed the film even though I wish I had another ending.

Tune in for Love

A South Korean romantic comedy released in 2019. Starring: Kim Go-eun (actress “Neverdie Butterfly”, “Monster” …) and Jeong Hae-in.

It is 1994, the year of the first meeting between Mi-soo and Hyeon-woo. Mi-so works with his sister in their bakery when one day Hyeon-woo decides to apply to their business. Mi-so and Hyeon-woo begin to have feelings for each other but fate decides otherwise and their path separates. They will not forget each other and even find themselves and get lost several times.

A Korean love film as we know them so well. It is a love story that takes place over several years. These two soul mates are only going to miss each other and frankly at one point it got me too drunk. But at the same time that was the purpose of the film so … I enjoyed this little love story which was very beautiful. But it wasn’t just that, it’s also a film about forgiveness. Learning to forgive yourself to move forward and it’s much more complicated than you think.


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