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My films of August 2020

The devil wears Prada

An American film that is a comedy released in 2006. This film is an adaptation of Lauren Weisberger’s 2003 novel of the same name. As actors we find: Meryl Streep (actress in: Julie – Julia article here; Mamma Mia!; The Giver …), Anne Hathaway (actress in: Passengers; Ocean’s 8; Jane …) and Emily Blunt (actress in: Open Letter to Jane Austen; Five years of reflection; The girl on the train …).

Andrea, a young graduate, becomes the audience for the great editor-in-chief of Vogue: Miranda Priestly. Andrea enters the ruthless world of the world. An environment she does not know but which would risk, to her surprise, to change her and perhaps even please her …

For me this film is a classic of fashion movies. There was a summer when I watched it every morning (we had the DVD), I even knew the lines by heart. I love this film for the story that is developed there but also and especially for the beautiful looks that Andrea wears. If you like fashion, you have to see this movie.

The Jane Austen Book Club

An American film released in 2007 which is the adaptation of the book of the same name by Karen Joy Fowler. As actors we find: Emily Blunt, Kathy Baker (actress in Edward in silver hands; 30 years if nothing…) and Hugh Dancy (actor in: Confession of a shopping addict; Ella in the enchanted country …) .

Bernadette, a fifty-year-old lover of Jane Austen’s books, decided, through her meeting with Prudie, to create a reading group on her works. She invites her friends to participate in this group, which will meet once a month to talk about one of the author’s 6 books. With this group Bernadette hopes that her friends will escape their problems for a few moments.

This film made me want to watch (I’ve already seen some) and read the works of Jane Austen. It is a film that shows all the facets of love, the diversity of relationships but also that with each problem there is a solution.

The founder

An American film released in 2016 that is the biography of Ray Kroc, the one who developed and franchised the McDonald restaurant created by Richard and Maurice McDonald. In this film we find: Michael Keaton (actor in: RoboCop; The Last Time ...), Nick Offerman (actor in: 21 Jumps Street; Miss FBI …) and John Carroll (actor in: Crazy, stupid, love; Our memories burned …).

Ray is a milkshake machine salesman. He crisscrossed the roads looking for buyers when a large order took him to the McDonald brothers’ restaurant. They managed to build a revolutionary restaurant for 1954. Ray sees this new concept as a very great potential that could pay off a lot.

I really like biographical films because you always learn a lot. Thanks to this film I discovered the story of these famous McDonald’s fast-food restaurants and honestly I am disgusted for the McDonald brothers. Seeing this film I realized that they got rolled by Ray who somehow stole the McDonald empire. I’m telling you clearly, this guy got me too drunk but it was a super interesting movie.


An American drama released in 2008 inspired by real events unfolded in 1928 in Los Angeles. We meet: Angelina Jolie (actress in: A Stolen Life; Original sin …), John Malkovich (actor in: And after; Transformers 3 …) and Michael Kelly (actor in: Unbreakable; Where have the Morgans gone…).

Christine Collins, a single mother, is urgently called to work. She then decides to leave her 9-year-old son, Wlater, alone at home. When she gets home, her son is gone. A few months later, the police told him that they had found his son. When Christine finds her son she doesn’t recognize him, she’s convinced it’s not Walter.

I really liked this movie too much! It was a really sad story (I had tears in my eyes at one point) and at the same time hyper frustrating. In this film we discover the struggle of a mother to find her son and the incompetence of the policemen who only want to restore their image. I really recommend it, plus it’s based on real facts.

The giver

A sci-fi film released in 2014 which is an adaptation of the first book of Lois Lowry’s tetralogy. As actors we find: Jeff Bridges (actor in: King Kong; An Englishman in New York ...); Brenton Thwaites (actor in: Maleficent; The Mirror …) and Odeya Rush (actress in: The Funny Life of Timothy Green; Dumplin’ …).

In the future, the fate of each person is traced, emotions are erased, color does not exist. The only person who knows what was before and knows the real world is the “custodian of memory”. At the 18-year-old ceremony, Jonas takes over the position. He will finally discover the truth and perhaps he will change this perfect and peaceful world that hides so much darkness.

I’m a big fan of dystopian movies so I could only love this movie. Apart from the sci-fi and futuristic side I really liked the sweetness of this film that shows us the beauty of man. This film reminded me of all the beautiful things that this world offers us (we also see the suffering but we don’t need to remember it, we know it well unfortunately). I was in a hurry to see what happened next I discovered that there was none. If you want to know the outcome of this story you will have to read the books, of course that’s what I intend to do.


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