10 Trends for the Start of 2020

Hello guys!

Woaw is back to school! When it comes back, new trends. Today I’m going to introduce you to 10 trends that we’ve seen on fashion shows, social networks and in stores. Maybe it will inspire you for your future purchases.

1.The sleeveless/grandpa sweater

I think this sweater we’ve all seen and seen on Instagram. It is worn with nothing underneath like a top, over a t-shirt or shirt. In oversized or near-body mode it’s how you feel. A date piece from our parents’ days that will be very easy to find in thrift stores and on second-hand sites.

2.Combats Boots

Since our friend Prada took out her nylon and leather boots with the pockets on the side (last year I think) fast fashion has not stopped reproducing them. They can be found everywhere with or without the pockets, high or low. They’re at everyone’s feet. In addition they are perfect for winter since they have large gashes. Can’t slip with these shoes and ready to face the back-to-school season.

3.Wide jeans

We see more and more wide jeans with this shape that makes beautiful legs. Mainly tall sizes but also some baggy. But it’s also the return of raw jeans without too many frills. All this for my greatest pleasure because I do not put any more slim for almost 4 years. The wide jeans are much more fashionable, comfortable and very 90’s (everything I like). There are also jeans with much more fashionable details such as a double size, or non-existing pockets that let the skin see.

4.Rubber boots

They remind us of the rain boots we used to wear when we were little but fashion and city. It was the Chloé brand that brought them up to date. High or low version, impossible to be wrong since it matches with everything. In fact this trend is a mix between Chloé and boots from Bottega Veneta.

5.The steering wheels/XXL collars

The ruffles are present on the front of the shirts. They spread out on the buttons and sleeves. Claudine passes make their return but in XL version. All these details remind me of the men’s clothes of the 16th-18th centuries, a great leap in time.

6.The long leather jacket

This is definitely the trend I’m the most fan! I always found super sharp leather jackets and I wanted to have one long before it became trendy. The ones in the trade are quite expensive for often the imitation so I advise you to turn to the thrift stores and the second hand (Vinted has plenty, you just have to have patience to scroll). The long leather jackets (and vinyl) always remind me of the Matrix movies, their look in this trilogy are iconic.

7.The checkered over-shirt

Every year at this time the tile comes back in force on a very specific piece. This fall, the model we find the most is the long and short plaid overchemise. An over-shirt is the mixture between the shape of a shirt and the thickness of a jacket. This season’s overd shirt is all soft and warm, perfect for autumn. And once in winter you can layer (juxtaposition of several layers) by assembling it with a sweater and a coat.

8.The knitted sets

The kind of hyper cozy set that you can wear to stay at home but also to go out. The knit is available in all its forms, in vests, tops, pants, shorts… If you want to be comfortable and stylish, this trend is for you.

9.The Bermuda

The Bermuda is back after a very long absence. It is updated with classic materials, it arrives just above the knee or just below. It was already there in the summer and it will stay for autumn/winter. It is not a bermuda tightening but a wide Bermuda that can also be found in a tailor’s set. The blazer and Bermuda combo is the new tailor of the Working Girl.

10.The oversized tailor

Every time the tailor is present every time he returns. This year it wears oversized version. Pants are XXL, shirts are way too big and blazers arrive in the middle of the thigh. With heels or basques, you never get it wrong with this tailor.


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