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The reunion

Hello guys!

Today I propose a book by Guillaume Musso. And then you think, “Again him!?”. Yes, I’m sorry but he’s my favorite writer and I can’t help but read his novels. So, “The reunion” is quite recent, it’s released in 2018. It’s an investigative-suspense-drama novel, like many of Musso’s books.

1992, Vinca, a young student at a prestigious school on the Côte d’Azure, disappears. The last time we saw her she was accompanied by her philo teacher with whom she had a relationship. 25 years later, his three best friends Fanny, Thomas and Maxime meet for a meeting of alumni. They haven’t seen each other since Vinca disappeared. Together they share a heavy secret, a murder. It will soon be revealed in the open because the place where the body rests will be destroyed. Their lives will change and the truth will come out.

Reading the summary I thought I understood everything but I know that Musso’s stories are never simple. This is no exception to the rule. Throughout the book we switch between the present and 1992, we go back in time to try to unravel the true from the false. The suspense was unbearable and I had only one desire to come to the end of this enigma. I was really caught up in the story and as usual I tried to find out the end before it was given to me. But I didn’t succeed, frankly I didn’t see it coming.

Again, I had a good time with this book and I highly recommend it!

Available at:

  • Fnac pocket version: HERE
  • Large format Fnac: HERE

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