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One jumpsuit 3 looks

Hello guys!

Today we meet to talk about the black jumpsuit. Having a black jumpsuit in your wardrobe is always a good idea! Already a jumpsuit is a garment that can be put in different situations. Simply accessorize it differently depending on the environment you are in. With it impossible to make a misstep, one is always well dressed (unless you choose a bad combination as the basis of your outfit). There are of course different types of combinations: marriage, daily life or holidays. But in my opinion, it’s more interesting to buy a basic black jumpsuit as I propose in my looks. It’s really a base and with it you can have fun creating different outfits.

I can imagine putting on my wetsuit with a pair of sneakers to go to my classes in the morning. Switch with boots and a blazer for an afternoon interview. And finally find myself at an evening with this same accessorized combination of heels, gold jewelry and a clutch. A single garment that can combine to infinity …

Come on I leave you with my three outfit ideas to show you that it’s very simple to create looks with a combination. In addition these outfits represent well my 3 states of mind. Tell me how to comment on your favorite outfit.

Look 1: The working girl

For this look I opted for a vintage blazer well oversized, which gives a nice structure to the outfit. Underneath the suit I wear a turtleneck. I accessorized the whole thing with a very classic black bag, a pair of heeled boots and sunglasses (even if there was absolutely no sun that day). I had to have golden creoles for the 3 looks but I forgot about them. A powerful outfit that makes me look like an important person, don’t you think?

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Look 2: Chill but well dressed

In this outfit you see the combination in a much more casual way with these big sneakers and this beautiful blouse bought in thrift store. I really advise you to buy your over-blouses in thrift /vinted/second-hand, as it is the trendy piece of the moment it costs super expensive in store (mine cost me 15, compared to 35 or 50 I think the choice is quickly made!). An ideal look to go to class (I should still have put a headband to hide this big neckline but it does not matter). With this look I mixed two types of tiles and colors. Those of the over-shirt and this little tweed effect bag. I had completely forgotten the existence of this bag, I found it by tidying up my wardrobe.

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Look 3: Classic and powerful

For the last look I really stayed on something classic. A beautiful satin heart-masking blouse that I put on top of the suit to turn it into pants. I pulled out my black boots that you saw and reviewed. My favorite piece of this outfit is this beautiful white vintage bag bought on Vinted. The size is perfect and the strap is adjustable.

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