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My films of September & October 2020

In the last few months I’ve watched a lot of movies for my classes (and it’s just getting started). Which didn’t give me much time to watch movies for my own pleasure. However in all these films imposed there are 3 that I enjoyed. You can find them in this list.

Enola Holmes

A 2020 U.S.-British adventure film released on Netflix. This film is the film adaptation of the book series “The Investigations of Enola Holmes” by American author Nancy Springer. In particular the book “The Double Disappearance”. As actors we find: Millie Bobby Brown (actress in Stranger Things, Godzilla, King of Monsters…); Henry Cavill (actor in Man of Steel, Justice League…); Sam Claflin (actor in Hunger Games, Before You, Love Rosie…).

Enola Holmes lives alone with her mother, Eudoria, in a large country house. Eudoria is a very extroverted woman who is completely different from the women of her time. When she disappears, Enola contacts her two older brothers to help her find her. But when both men realize that Enola’s education is not in the “standards” they decide to send him into boarding school. Enola does not intend to let this happen, she will do everything possible to find her mother even if she has to put her life in danger.

This film is the story of the young sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. Personally, I had never heard of her (but I’m not a big Sherlock fan). I really liked this film which was very eventful and in which we go straight into the action. I think what I liked the most was the bond that is formed between Enola and us spectators. She breaks this “glass wall” to address us directly. We then feel like we’re really living all her adventures with her.

The trailer is far too long in my opinion. Don’t look at everything.

Bridget Jones’ diary (the trilogy)

A British-French-American romantic comedy composed of 3 films: The Diary of Bridget Jones; Bridget Jones: the age of reason; Bridget Jones Baby. Released in 2001, 2004 and 2016 respectively. The films are film adaptations of the saga “Bridget Jones” by British author Helen Fielding. As an actor we find: Renée Zellweger (actress in Chicago …); Colin Firth (actor in What Girls Dream, Mamma Mia! …); Hugh Grant (actor in Love Actually, Where did the Morgans go? …).

Bridget is a thirtysomething, single and clumsy. Elements of his life that everyone has fun reminding him, especially his mother. On New Year’s Day, at her parents’ house, she meets Marc Darcy who is a lawyer. Because of her clumsiness, she’s screwing it up. So she turns to Daniel Cleaver, her boss who is the opposite of Darcy. But the latter has not made a cross on Bridget and he intends to make him understand it.

These films are a bit of a cult romantic comedy movie. Classics I had never seen before (although I knew a little about history). The movies are super clichés but I was deep in it, really! Even if from the beginning we know who she will finish with it did not prevent me to appreciate bridget’s adventures and setbacks. A good romantic comedy as we like them.


An American thriller released in 2011. This film is the film adaptation of the novel “The Dark Fields” by Irish author Alan Glynn. As an actor we find: Bradley Cooper (actor in Very Bad Trip, Valentine’s Day …); Robert De Niro (actor in The Godfather2, My Stepfather and Me …).

Eddie can’t write his novel. He has no money and lives on the hooks of his girlfriend who ends up leaving him. By sheer chance, he meets Vernon, his ex-brother-in-law. This former drug dealer now works in the pharmaceutical industry. Vernon proposes to Eddie to test a brand new product not yet marketed, the NZT. This substance has incredible effects, it allows Eddie to be in complete possession of his abilities and well beyond. He succeeds in everything he touches and once the effect is over Eddie has only one desire, to take back a tablet. But other people far more dangerous than him are looking for this magic pill.

I enjoyed this action-packed film. I even found myself thinking that it would be great to have something that allows us too to be in full possession of our brains. Imagine a world without any limits … woaw, that would be nice anyway. Unfortunately, I think the consequences would be catastrophic for our world. Going back to the film, I think Eddie went too hard from the beginning and it made sense that he was going to get attention. But hey, without it there would have been no film …

M le maudit

A German police film released in 1931 inspired by the case of Peter Korten and other similar events. This film is the first talking film by director Fritz Lang.

In working-class neighborhoods, a serial killer is rampant. In particular, he takes care of the little girls who walk alone in this big city. The police are conducting the investigation and are closely monitoring these working-class neighbourhoods to find the killer. This surveillance greatly disturbs the other criminals who then decide to start looking for the killer so that they no longer have the police on their backs.

This is a film that I analyzed in class, do not worry I will not re-analyze you. So we’re really on a policeman at the time so don’t get any ideas. What I liked about the film is the way we are presented with the killer. At first we see it without seeing it, it is implied by shadows and reflections. I would even say that we hear him before we see him since these thanks to his hiss that we understand that he will point the tip of his nose . Finally, what is paradoxical is that they are criminals who will try to find this killer to continue their illegal activities (ok, I analyzed a little the film sorry).

The film is available in full on YouTube.

Deep Red

An Italian “horror” film released in 1975. As actors we find: David Hemmings (actor in Equilibrium, Gladiator …); Daria Nicolodi (actress in The Third Mother, The Sect …).

Marcus, a pianist, witnesses a murder. To help the police but also because the killer is attacking him, he decides to conduct the investigation. Marcus feels like he’s missing the gist of this case, and he does.

Usually I wouldn’t have watched this movie already because it’s rated horror movie but no choice, it was imposed on me. Fortunately for me, I quickly realized that it was not a horror movie but more a thriller (the murder scenes are pretty trashy though). Finally I liked the movie too much, really it was too good! We find in it the same principle as M the cursed with the music that qualifies the arrival of the killer but this one is much colder in the back. The most impressive thing about this film is that from the beginning you know who the murderer is but you’re too focused on something else to understand it.

I found the film on YouTube but only in English.

The trailer
The film

I still believe

An American biographical film released in 2020. It is an adaptation of the life of Christian rock singer Jeremy Camp and his wife Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp. As an actor we find: K.J. Apa (actor in the series Riverdale, The Last Summer …); Britt Robertson (actress in Happy Mother’s Day, In Pursuit of Tomorrow …).

It’s 1999, Jeremy’s going to Calvary Chapel College. On the night of his arrival he meets Melissa a classmate. They start dating, but Melissa abruptly ends the relationship. Some time later Jeremy learns that Melissa is seriously ill but still he remains hopeful.

So this movie is just TROP BEAU! It is super moving and inspiring. When I think it’s a true story, I say woaw it’s wonderful. This story shows us that when we have faith in God nothing is impossible. Honestly, I couldn’t see K.J. Apa in this role (I have the image of him in Riverdale etched in my head) and to my surprise he was perfect in this role, it suits him so well. In short, you have to see this movie!

Don’t watch the entire trailer, it’s too long.

Well friends the two movies that will follow are cult Disney Pixar movies, I’m not going to start summarizing them for you. If you haven’t seen them yet I just want to say to you: What are you waiting for? Go see these movies!

The incredibles

The first came out in 2004, after 12 years of unbearable waiting for us before had the sequel (2018)! And it still took me 2 years to watch the second while I was the first to complain (shame on me). The two is just as good as the first. I’ll leave you with the trailer for the first one.

Finding Nemo

The film was released in 2003 and the sequel Dory’s World was released in 2016. I invite you to look at both, they are too good!

Believe it or not I had to (re)watch this movie for one of my course. Obviously the construction of the Nemo World scenario is a very good example to understand the 3-act construction of scenarios.


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