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Chillwear for Christmas – selection

Hello guys!

Christmas is fast approaching and we find ourselves in this somewhat special period that is before Christmas. Well with the current situation it's not at all the same, but we have to stay positive. For those pre-Christmas weeks, I made you a small selection of pajamas, clothes to stay at home and Christmas sweaters. In this way, you'll be ready to sit under a blanket with a good hot chocolate in your hands to watch a little Christmas movie (if you're in need of inspiration, it's HERE). Maybe you'll even be tempted to put on one of these outfits for the day of the 25th…

For the occasion, I present my Undiz pajamas. I'm used to putting on a leggings/jogging and an old t-shirt as pajamas it makes me very weird to have such a beautiful one. The pants are super comfortable and the fabric is very soft. I'm happy with my choice. You can find it in the selection below (I took a size M).


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