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Dead Ends

Hello guys!

Today I am going to talk about a book I read recently. “Dead Ends” is the second novel by American author Erin Lange. Published in 2013 it is a novel for young adults.

Dane Washington is a young boy who does not hesitate to use his hands to defend himself. Something he does far too often according to the high school. For the time being, his good results have allowed him not to be fired, but the next mistake will be his permanent exclusion. When Billy D. moves in across the street, Dane sees him as his last chance.   Billy D. has Down’s syndrome and needs someone to defend himself. They make a deal: Dane will defend him and Billy D. will be his high school wild card. But Billy D. sees in Dane the help he needs to find his father. He has only one clue, an atlas of the United States full of riddles.

I liked this story so much, it’s the kind of novel where you don’t want to get to the last page. The relationship between Dane and Billy D. was like the one between an older brother and his younger brother. Billy D. was so endearing and naive with his desire to find his father without realising the consequences. In the beginning Dane was clearly using him to avoid being expelled from high school, but as the story progresses he realises that he is really attached to Billy D. and that he is more than his last chance. A very touching story (I almost want to read the book a second time).

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