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4 colours for one pair of trousers

Hello guys!

So what do you think about my trousers? I found it in the thrift store Episode. I had a real crush and I was very lucky as it fits me perfectly. In addition, it is very thick and therefore perfect for this season. Welle buying is good, but combining is more complicated. There are still 4 colours on these trousers. I had a lot of ideas for associations that went through my head and then I said to myself, let’s play it basic. Yes, the simplest thing to do when hesitating about a piece of clothing is to combine it with black.

I bought this cache-cœur this summer. This is really the piece that elevates a basic outfit a bit. It goes with everything and you are always well dressed. I like the detail of the sleeves that make them puffy.

The day we took the photos, it was raining quite hard (you can see it on the lenses of my glasses). So I chose a trench coat. It goes well with the outfit and of course it is practical against the rain.

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