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My films of late 2020 and early 2021

El camino: “Breaking Bad Movie”

A film derived from the Breaking Bad series (which I liked very much by the way). The film was released in 2019 on Netflix. As actors we meet again: Aaron Paul (actor in Mission Impossible 3, Up and Down “super good film”), Bryan Cranston (actor in Saving Private Ryan, Godzilla …).

Following his release from Jack’s gang by Walter White (last episode of the series) Jesse is finally free. Almost free because he is being hunted by the police. But Jesse can count on his friends Skinny and Badger to help him reconstitute himself, face his past and run away.

In this film, which is the sequel to Breaking Bad, we find Jesse in distress. This film allows us to see what happened during his sequestration and thanks to flashbacks we finally see everything he went through. I really liked this film, it was a good continuation of the series. If you haven’t seen the series I recommend it but it doesn’t stop you from watching the film.


A British dramatic thriller film that is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Daphne du Maurier. A film that was already brought to the screen by Hitchcocke in 1940. As actors we meet again: Lily James (actress in Baby Driver, Mamma Mia! Here we go again …), Armie Hammer (acteur dans Call me by your name, The social network …).

A young lady companion meets a rich widower. She marries him and goes to live in his manor. The dream turns into a nightmare when she realizes that she lives in the shadow of her ex-wife Rebecca. A heavy secret hovers over this manor house.

I expected this style and was not disappointed. Well I have to say that I had already guessed the end but it was nice. I liked the way the film turned out, we went from a thriller to an investigation.


An American romantic comedy released in 2015. As actors we meet again: Rebecca Hall (actress in The prestige, Iron Man 3 ...), Jason Sudeikis (actor in Mother’s Day, ...).

Hannah is a young widow of a folk singer who is trying to rebuild her life. Andrew McCabe is a New York writer who wants to write her husband’s biography but Hannah doesn’t think so and she won’t let him write anything.

So it’s a romantic comedy, no big surprises at the end. Hannah saddened me a little, this young widow who is trying to rebuild herself and cope with the death of her husband.


It is a series of American films adapted from the comics of the same title. There are 7 X-men films and 3 films about the character Wolverine. In these films we find as actors: Patrcik Stewart (actor in Star Trek: Insurrection…), Hugh Jackman (actor in The Prestige…), Ian McKellen (actor in The Lord of the Rings…) and many others.

On Earth, some humans have mutated, they have developed different faculties. These mutations frighten ordinary human beings. Professor Xavier, who is also a mutant, decides to build a school to welcome this new generation and help them master their gifts. But these supernatural beings are not unanimous.

It’s a bit complicated to summarise so many films, but that’s the main idea. To be honest with you, the first 3 X-Men films are great. The story is logical, everything follows each other superbly. But there is a problem of concordance with the arrival of the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The story we are told about this character is not the same as the one they started in the X-Men. And the misunderstanding doesn’t stop there, because as the films go on, Wolverine’s story just keeps changing. I didn’t understand that part, they mixed up. After the first 3 X-Men, they still managed to take out a fourth one that was just too good, X-Men: Days of future past. It was really good unfortunately, after that one which takes us into a new space and time with new characters we find ourselves with an age problem. Yes, if you follow the years they say in the film you realise that it doesn’t match. If you follow the films without asking yourself any questions you won’t have any problems. But if you’re like me, always analysing, it’s going to break your head very quickly. The film I liked least was X-Men: Apocalypse. Frankly, they might not have done it, it wasn’t necessary at all. The super villain had no specific goal and the actress chosen to play the youth version of the Tornado character was super bland.

They will soon make a new adaptation of these comics so I can’t wait to see it!

Sur mes lèvres

Un film français sorti en 2001 qui a obtenu 3 Césars en 2002. With as main actors: Vincent Cassel (actor in: Ocean’s Twelve …) and Emmanuelle Devos (actress in: Coco avant Chanel…).

Clara is a secretary in a real estate firm, she is hard of hearing. She is an introverted young woman who silently suffers the humiliations of her colleagues. One day, his boss asks him to hire someone to help him with his tasks. The trainee she receives is Paul, who has just come out of prison for stealing. He is her exact opposite and yet she will become attached to this man.

I really liked this film which was at the beginning very calm as the French know how to do it so well. But the character of Clara was so well played, this shy and reserved girl who gains self-confidence thanks to the presence of Paul who takes her out of her routine and takes her on improbable adventures.

Two lovers

An American drama released in 2008 inspired by Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel”. The “White Nights” of 1848. As an actor we meet again: Joaquin Phoenix (actor in Joker, The Master…), Gwyneth Paltrow (actress in Iron man, Charlie Mortdecai …) et Vinessa Shaw (actress in Garden Party, Big Miracle…).

Leonard still lives at home with his parents. His life seems to be all mapped out for them. He will marry Sandra, the daughter of the father’s business partner, and he will take over the family dry-cleaning business. But Leonardo does not agree. He meets Michelle, his new neighbour, and falls in love.

It was a bit predictable film to tell the truth. But the most interesting part of the film is Leonardo’s evolution. He who had no purpose in life transforms himself sees a new facet of his personality.

 Five feet apart

An American romantic comedy-drama released in 2019. For once, a novel has been published as a result of the film. As actors we meet again: Cole Sprousse (actor in the series Riverdale …) et Haley Lu Richardson (actrice dans The edge of seventeen, Operation Finale …).

Stella is a teenager with mucoviscidosis. While she is in hospital, she meets Will who has the same illness as her. He is here to test a clinical trial to get rid of a lung infection. To reduce the risk of infection, they are obliged to keep 6 metres apart. Stella and Will still try to live a relationship, but this distance between them becomes difficult to respect.

With this film we are in the middle of a teenage love story. If you know me well you know that I like it very much. And without great expectation I hooked directly with this film. This forbidden love had a bit of a Romeo and Juliet feel to it. In addition to being a love story, this is a real little drama that brought tears to my eyes. Apart from this love between Stella and Will we also have a history of friendship. The trio they form with Poe. In fact, these three teenagers are only trying to live the same life as other young people their age but in a hospital.


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