Who am I?

Welcome guys!

Jeanne, 22 (look like 16)

I opened this blog in December 2017 simply because I am passionate about fashion. I’ve always wanted to share my passion with others, but I never had the courage to get started. I also really like movies/series and books. So it was not possible for me to open this blog without talking about my 2 other passions. So one day in 2015 I gave myself 2 years, I said to myself: “Jeanne in 2 years you open this blog whatever!And that’s what I realized. I kept the promise I made myself, I overcame my fears and anxieties and it is already a victory for me.

The name of my blog: As-Eliomys

After searching for the name of my blog for almost 2 years, this one finally appeared as a no-brainer. It’s a little special. “Eliomys” is my scout totem (it’s a small rodent) and the “As” means “like” in English. So the name is: like Eliomys. Like this rodent who has the same character as me (only scouts will understand).

So I’m happy to let you discover my world!